Student Spotlight-Farzana Ramji

Posted by on September 15, 2011

Vet Tech student Farzana Ramji has been a student at MSB-Shakopee since July of 2010.  For this student spotlight, we were able to ask Farzana the Spotlight questions to get a better glimpse of who she is when she is not on campus…

1.       What did you do before you came to MSB?  Worked at a packaging company through a temp agency and many other dead end jobs that I did not enjoy!

2.       Do you have any pets? If so, what do you have and what are their names? I do not currently have any but would love to adopt a Pit Bull or 2 when I can.

3.       Vikings or Packers? VIKINGS of course.

4.       What was the worst job you have ever had and why? What is one thing you were able to learn from said job that you still keep in mind today? Cashiering or fast food. The customer is NOT always right.

5.       What’s your favorite book? How many times have you read it? My Vet Tech books. As many times as I need to.

6.       What is your most memorable encounter with a criminal? I was about 8yrs old and some guys came into my dad’s apt. and put my 3 siblings, me and my dad’s girlfriend in the bathroom and locked us in it, while the trashed they place and tied up my dad and demanded money from him. (Everyone was ok!)

7.       Who would win in a fight between you and Bruce? ME of course. I have strong blood in me.

8.       Where did you go for your last vacation? Worthington, MN


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