Plymouth Instructor Runs More Than The Classroom

Posted by on September 10, 2011

MSB-Plymouth adjunct instructor Scott Grams is ready for another season of Vikings football, but unlike most fans of the Purple and Gold you won’t find him on his couch most Sunday afternoons.

The 2011 season will be Grams 28th as a statistician for the Minnesota Vikings. Grams is part of an eight-man crew that works with the Vikings and National Football League every home game to provide statistical information to reporters, writers, television analysts and to those following games online.

The job is a passion for Grams, who has taught business classes at MSB campuses for eight years and is also a senior commodity buyer for Nilfisk-Advance. His start with the Vikings came in high school.

“When I was in high school, I went to work in the Vikings offices making copies and helping correct errors in different publications,” Grams said. “After five years doing that, Viking Update Magazine started using my stats and I’ve been with them ever since.”

Grams work with the magazine opened up the door to his current role as game day statistician in 1984. He currently is in charge of keeping track of various single game, season and career top-10 lists and tracking quarterback hits on game days.

The job has produced many highlights for Grams, but he cites the Vikings 1988 trip to Sweden as the best.

That was one of the best weeks of my life,” said Grams. “I got to visit with a lot of players. I spent a lot of time with Tommy Kramer, and I got to know Randall McDaniel when he was just a rookie. He [McDaniel] was a really humble guy. I really enjoy meeting those types of players.”

Most of Grams’ work is done online, but he still has the option of going to road games. He cites Lambeau Field in Green Bay and Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay as his favorites.

Player interaction is limited, but Grams has plenty of time with beat writers, bloggers, and television and radio personalities. When a Vikings stat comes across television, is read over the radio or printed online or in a newspaper, there’s a good chance that it’s Grams’ work behind the scenes that has put it in the hands.


Vikings running back Adrian Peterson and Plymouth instructor Scott Grams


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