MSB-St. Cloud Alumna Conquers Alaska

Posted by on September 1, 2011

Some graduates are just happy to get that first job. Chrishawna Wilson, a graduate of the Vet Tech program at Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud in March 2011, raised the bar a bit when she also moved across the continent to accept her first job in Alaska.

Her brother lived in Anchorage, and she decided she should go ahead and apply there for jobs as well as in Minnesota. When The Pet Stop Veterinary Clinic in Anchorage offered her a position straight out of school, she said, “yes” and moved in two weeks. “It’s amazing,” she says of the experience.

Although Chrishawna’s externship while at MSB was with Anoka Equine–and that is her first love–at The Pet Stop, her daily routine involves small animals: mostly dogs, cats and a few ferrets. But there is an added bonus: her clinic services the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage and that has provided Chrishawna incredible opportunities with exotic animals. She has assisted with a tiger, a baby musk ox and bears. “It’s thrilling,” she admits.

Chrishawna assists in a lot of surgeries, and that is the best part of her job. She feels that the applied learning experiences at MSB truly prepared her for the work world. “The more hands-on I did here, the more prepared I was [to work.]” She even operates some of the same machines she practiced on while in lab or at her externship.

She reflects, “I hated high school, but I loved college here. It was exactly what I wanted to do–even the lectures because I was learning things that I can use in life.”

Chrishawna and Friend

For the immediate future, Chrishawna plans to stay and work in Alaska. She loves the mountains and the fact that moose walk through her backyard every week. She loves The Pet Stop and the fact that “they are willing to go above and beyond for their employees.” But down the road, Chrishawna looks to further her education. She is thinking of law enforcement–to become an animal rescue officer–or veterinary school.

"Tranquilizing a tiger is quite an experience."

Since MSB/Globe University hasn’t branched out to Alaska yet, she might just have to come home to Minnesota and her horse, Cayenne. 


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