Vet Tech Service Learning Project Rounds up 200 at the Clearwater Rodeo

Posted by on August 23, 2011

Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud Veterinary Technology service learning students rounded up children of all ages on Family Day at the Clearwater Rodeo August 21st with a dog bite prevention activity.

Dog Bite Prevention at Clearwater Rodeo

Students brought live dogs to the rodeo site and instructed children on how to approach and pet a dog. “The dogs served as a conduit that allowed the students to connect to the children and deliver the message about being safe around dogs,” remarked Carmen Carlson. “The animals [also] helped draw more people to our display and opened communication as they shared their stories.”

MSB students experienced another aspect of learning when they solicited donations for give-away materials which included informational flyers, fruit snacks and stickers. In addition, MSB students partnered with several community organizations and businesses including the Silver Bullet Saddle Club, Coborns, Cashwise, and the St. Cloud hospital.

In all, over 200 children went home with MSB bags of goodies and a great learning experience under their cowboy hats.  


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