Quick-Fix Massage and MSB-St. Cloud: A Perfect Partnership

Posted by on August 23, 2011

Beth Huber

Beth Huber Accepts Award from Irene Rangen

Quick-Fix Massage is a business creation of necessity, according to owner Beth Huber. In June of 2006, Huber was a wife, mother of two small children and a full-time worker. She desperately needed a massage –on her terms and to fit her schedule. “I called everywhere in the area,” she said. “No one could see me.”

Someone told Huber about the massage therapy program at the Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud and she made an appointment. The experience was wonderful, and Huber asked the student when she was graduating. She replied, “Tomorrow.” Excited, Huber then asked the student where she would be working, but the student wasn’t employed yet and felt that the prospects in the St. Cloud area were pretty limited.

By June 20th, Huber woke up and told her husband she wanted to quit her job and open a massage business in St. Cloud. People needed access to professional massages that were both affordable and convenient, she felt, and highly qualified and skilled massage therapists needed to find employment. She laughs now when she remembers that her husband said, “Of all your crazy ideas, this one just might work.” 

It is five years later, and Quick-Fix Massage currently employs, at any given time, 12-14 professional massage therapists. At least half of those are MSB alumni, chosen from the top candidates of their respective classes. In addition, Huber’s partner, Denise Molesky,  is a former instructor in the massage therapy program at MSB.

Tara Burmann is a 2008 alumnus of MSB-St. Cloud who currently works at Quick Fix as a massage therapist and loves her work. Huber called and offered her a position shortly after Burmann graduated with honors. It is the “best of both worlds,” Burmann feels. She was not interested in “the business end of it,” but loves the client relationships and feels very strongly about the healing aspect of her work.

Huber solicits the best from MSB and is not disappointed. Together, her business and the college contribute to fulfill that need for affordable, convenient and skilled massage in the local community.

Huber was honored as MSB-St. Cloud’s Employer and Community Appreciation Event at the Red Carpet in July as Employer of the Year for the Massage Therapy Program.



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