MSB-Rochester: Providing a Humane Human Touch for Society

Posted by on August 9, 2011

MSB-Rochester Vet Tech staff and students, in between all of the teaching and learning they do, give back weekly to Goodhue County Humane Society and Safe Haven Pet Rescue. Their “work” involves providing free spay/neuter surgeries and post-op care for both humane societies’ beloved dogs and cats that will eventually find good homes with loving families.

In a typical week, the animals that pass through MSB-Rochester receive close to forty hours of total post-op care. The invaluable work experience gained by Vet Tech students over the course of their program will be hundreds of hours. When the workforce demands qualified employees, our graduates exemplify the technical skills employers require.

In addition to in-class learning, the support provided to these and other humane societies demonstrates the importance of becoming life-long volunteers in the communities where we live and work. Anna Ostendorf, Goodhue County Humane Society executive director, feels the symbiotic relationship is priceless.

“We are very grateful for the services that MSB provides for the animals in our care. With over 40 animals being spayed or neutered each year, as well as being updated on Rabies vaccinations, the monetary value of MSB’s program is over $8000 to us. We are proud that our animals are used to help train future veterinary technicians.”

MSB-Rochester’s staff, faculty and students are also proud to say that our volunteer work reaches beyond the walls of the campus and touches the lives of the animals we care for and the people who adopt them!

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