Headline: Branding for the Future

Posted by on August 4, 2011

Project Management students create marketing plan for city of Shakopee

Project Management students at Minnesota School of Business–Shakopee presented a 20-page marketing plan to the city of Shakopee that included recommendations for the city’s future branding efforts.

The students presented their plan to the city’s Economic Development Advisory Council (EDAC). The presentation provided a timeline for comparable city research, interviews, surveys, SWOT analyses and other deliverables that would help the EDAC understand its target market and create a tag line or new identity for the city of Shakopee.

“Before I started this class, I didn’t really know anything about project management,” said business student Tyler Anderson. “Now that I have done this project for the City of Shakopee, I feel like I have become a project manager.”

Fatima Franzen, one of the volunteer EDAC members who listened to the group’s presentation, said, “The students will have a good experience once they graduate because this will prepare them for whatever jobs and job expectations they may have.”

This applied learning project will be passed on to the Strategic Marketing class at Minnesota School of Business–Shakopee to continue on to the next phase of development.

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