Going to the Dogs

Posted by on August 4, 2011

Marketing students help local college promote dog biscuit business

Marketing Research students at Minnesota School of Business–Richfield worked with Minnesota Life College (MLC) students to establish their side business, Real Biscuits for Real Dogs.

MLC is a nonprofit, vocational and life skills training program for young adults with learning differences and autism spectrum disorders. Executive director Kathryn Thomas started Real Biscuits for Real Dogs to provide MLC’s students employment and to help raise money for the college. The students make, cook, package and sell the dog biscuits from the campus.

Minnesota School of Business students applied what they learned in class to research and identify key marketing techniques to help establish the business.

“We worked in teams to create a business plan that demonstrated the sustainability of MLC’s nonprofit business model of making healthy dog biscuits,” said student Drew Rodiles. “Working with MLC was a wonderful experience. I was grateful to have this opportunity.”

Thomas explained, “We’re in a tough competitive market. But you’re not just buying the dog treat, you’re helping the students at MLC, and that’s what we hope Minnesota School of Business’ marketing class can help us with.”

Thomas added, “This is a really exciting venture. I love the enthusiasm and energy of the students.”

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