Non-profit Organization Gets Help with Data Organization

Posted by on July 25, 2011

Volunteer students help local folkdance center get organized

The Tapestry Folk Dance Center in Minneapolis is non-profit dance studio. They have been around for almost 28 years. They have dance classes that span across a variety of folk-style dances.

When the Tapestry Folkdance Center started back in 1983, they kept all of their information on paper. Since then, they have expanded into keeping the data into a variety of different places including multiple computer databases. Keeping information in multiple places makes it hard to track.

A team of students from a Database Design class at Minnesota School of Business Lakeville met with the organization to discuss how they could assist them. The students are able to take the theoretical planning of a database to the creation and implementation of the final product.

Additional skills the students learned and utilized included questioning to meet a need, discussing business rules, presentation and writing professional documents, including a solution design document and other presentation tools.

Student James Ivey stated, “The project allowed me to explore and further learn how to work with and implement the things I have learned.”

This is also a group project and students are learning the skills of group work and the importance of communication and teamwork in the IT field.

Instructor Tom Hasert loves working with this project. “The students benefited from working with a real situation and real people. They experience how database design involves meeting with the customer, designing what you’ve learned, and then going back to the customer to discover deeper meanings.”

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