Sports Massage Can Benefit Even Casual Athletes

Posted by on July 22, 2011

Students create brochure to educate potential clients about the benefits of sports massage

Students in Celina McKenzie’s Sports Massage Clinic class at Minnesota School of Business-Elk River created an informative brochure to increase public awareness of sports massage and prepare both students and clients for a successful massage experience.

Sports massage is often misunderstood among the general public. People assume that the technique is reserved for serious athletes. In fact, it can benefit anyone who engages in physical activity. Since its methods differ from other forms of massage such as Swedish or deep tissue, there is a need to educate prospective clients about what is entailed.

McKenzie’s class set out to understand the unique elements of sports massage and to find ways to explain sports massage to the public. Students studied the benefits and risks of sports massage, how clients should prepare for an appointment and the treatment modalities used.

Each student selected a sports massage topic to research. Using this information, they created a visually appealing brochure to distribute to prospective massage clients. The students also developed an intake form that therapists could use to ensure proper questioning before providing services.

Instructor Celina McKenzie said this project was a win-win-win for students, the sports massage clinic and future clients.

“All sides benefited,” she said. “This project showed my business students how to create customized forms for their own business, [the clinic has] a better form, students have more detailed information, and the school gets to share the form with other campuses.”

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