Minnesota Transportation Museum Signals Request for Help

Posted by on July 22, 2011

Design Studio class creates annual report options for nonprofit organization

Design Studio students at Minnesota School of Business-Richfield helped showcase the Minnesota Transportation Museum (MTM) by creating an eye-catching annual report for the nonprofit.

“Our students were able to help the museum communicate their past year and future goals in hopes of getting more contributions and letting the public know where the money goes,” said instructor Nicole Nelson.

MTM is a volunteer-based organization—its mission is to provide a pleasurable and enlightening experience for families and children through interactive exhibits.

With no budget for an annual report, MTM looked to Nelson’s students to compile and create a professional report to entice future sponsorships and museum visitors. The students’ goal–connect words to strong inviting images as they communicated the museum’s offerings, financial status and future plans.

The project also gave students an opportunity to work with a client under specific requirements and deadlines

“I enjoyed working on the service-learning project at the Minnesota Transportation Museum because it gave me a chance to do some research on the museum and get know the people behind the trains,” said student Alison McDonagh. “It also gave me a real-world experience in designing and working with clients.”

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