Alumni Spotlight: Amanda Schwandt

Posted by on July 18, 2011

Finding Success and Community at Minnesota School of Business – Richfield

Amanda SchwandtAs a young professional, Amanda Schwandt found success as an Executive Administrative Assistant, but she wanted more. She wanted to be a part of a community, and she found it at Minnesota School of Business – Richfield.

Schwandt grew up in California and eventually moved to Minnesota with her family. She attended a couple of different colleges but didn’t find real success until Minnesota School of Business.

“I heard about Minnesota School of Business from a commercial” Schwandt said. “I didn’t even look at any other schools. I was greeted with open arms. I found the staff to be extremely friendly and helpful I needed help enrolling and the admissions department helped me every step of the way.”

Schwandt enrolled in Minnesota School of Business – Richfield’s Interactive Media and Graphic Design program in September of 2008 and graduated with honors in 2010.

While in school, Schwandt held onto a full-time position and took online and evening courses to fit her busy schedule.

“I graduated with honors because of the great support of the school and my passion for the graphic design program,” Schwandt said. “The faculty is amazing. Nicole Nelson [the Graphic Design Program Chair] is such a great person and [instructor] Chad Anderson was a positive influence and encouraging all the way through.”

During her time at Minnesota School of Business, Schwandt thought a lot about her career.

“I see my career path being very organic,” Schwandt said. “I’m going to jump on every opportunity thrown at me.”

And she did. While in school, Schwandt developed a professional resume and cover letter and frequently pursued informational interviews with different companies.

Shortly before graduation, Schwandt received a phone call from the Associate Director of Career Services, Lori Brandt, about a position open at Horizon Equipment. They needed someone to help them enhance their website, increase their search engine optimization and help with in-house printing projects.

Schwandt jumped at the opportunity and set-up a phone interview with the company’s owner. After the initial interview, Schwandt received a formal face-to-face interview, and two days later was offered a full-time position.

Since then, Schwandt has been Horizon Equipment’s “all-in-one” helping with web and print design, and taking it upon herself to implement social media platforms.

“I love the people I work with,” Schwandt said. “I feel trusted and I am focused and loyal to my company.”

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