Washing Hands May Not be as Easy as 1-2-3

Posted by on July 15, 2011

Medical Assistant students teach sixth-graders the importance of careful hand-washing


Medical Assistant students from Minnesota School of Business-Blaine visited Coon Rapids Middle School to give a hand-washing demonstration to sixth-graders.

Dan Peterson, Medical Assistant Program Chair, started off the activity with an introduction on germs and how to prevent spreading them.

The Medical Assistant students then brought in a “germ box” where the students inserted their hands and saw the germs glow. The sixth-graders washed their hands as best they could, then returned to the germ box and were surprised at how many germs were still on their hands.

“I hope that the students will talk about the process, which will help educate the kids around them,” said student Julie Lom Engelmeier. “It would be nice to do this in a larger scale and more often so the entire sixth grade class could benefit from proper technique.”

The Medical Assistant students and Peterson talked to the students about ways to spread germs, such as borrowing a pencil, coughing, or sneezing. They stressed that washing hands after simple things like using the computer is a good idea.

According to Lom Engelmeier, the students enjoyed the presentation and found it beneficial. She feels the presentation was valuable, as the students really got to see how important it is to wash your hands well to prevent illness.

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