Vet Tech Students Apply Clinical Skills

Posted by on July 15, 2011


Vet Tech students in Deb Palmer’s and Michelle Booth’s Clinical Skills 292 classes applied their knowledge in advocacy service learning projects this spring in several elementary schools and the St. Cloud Boys and Girls Club. Each group prepared a dog bite prevention presentation for kindegarten through first graders. The MSB students narrated the PowerPoint presentation, teaching the children the correct way to approach dogs and how to react if threatened: “Stand like a tree; lie like a log.”

Alicia Holtz said, “I liked being a part of something that reached so many kids.” She added that the service learning project was an extension of the vet tech classroom. “This project was tying up everything. This is one of our last quarters before we extern.”

Keith Rome and Stacy Wood were impressed with how well the children focused on the material presented. “They paid attention a lot better than I thought they would,” said Keith. “They were smart,” added Stacy. “They did everything to a ‘T’.”

The children enjoyed telling their own stories and playing with either live dog “props” or the stuffed dalmation.

Service learning adds a dimension to the vet tech experience beyond pure clinical skills, Keith pointed out. “I am more confident in my speaking ability [as a result.]”

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