Charity for Infants is Knit Together with Service, Love

Posted by on July 15, 2011

Students support a nonprofit, volunteer organization with administrative help, useful materials


Minnesota School of Business–Shakopee students provided administrative support for Bundles of Love Charity, Inc., (BLC), an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to helping premature infants and their families.

Four students in the Global Citizenship class created a brochure of needed infant items and researched and called companies to ask them for donations. The students also created a volunteer turnover binder to help smooth transitions from one volunteer group to another.

The opportunity to give back was very rewarding for the students.  “It was really a great experience,” said Bailey Jari, Health Care Management student. “My daughter was born prematurely and I received a similar package when we left the hospital. This was my way of giving back.”

Teresa Wilts, BLC North Metro Work Coordinator said, “One of the things we don’t like is cold calling for donations. We are a group that likes to sit and knit! The group from Minnesota School of Business–Shakopee was really awesome with communications and helping us approach people for donations.  They also ended up making a turnover binder so the next group that helps us can see where they left off.  I was totally impressed. I wasn’t expecting that.”

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