Vet Tech Grad Finds Dream Job

Posted by on July 7, 2011

CVT Tara Holland Enters Clinical Mixed-Animal Practice

When Tara Holland graduated from Minnesota School of Business-St. Cloud as a certified veterinary technician, she thought she would enter the workforce as an exotic animal tech. She didn’t want clinical work, thinking it would be monotonous. But fate had another idea.

The small animal clinic, Aurochs Veterinary Service, in Audubon, Minnesota, needed a CVT and Tara decided to apply for the position. But on the day of the interview it was a typically cold and treacherous Minnesota winter’s day, and Tara ended up in the ditch needing a tow. When she called to let the clinic know she would miss her appointment, they immediately inquired about her well-being and offered to reschedule. (She was also told to bring her receipt for the tow to the interview for reimbursement.) From the first, she felt this opportunity was something special.

She now will tell you, “Even on the worst days, I can go home and say, ‘I love my job.’” And she will also tell you that her job is anything but routine: “You never know what is going to walk through the door.” She has worked on ducks, pigs, calves and even a raccoon.

Reflecting on entering the workforce after her schooling at MSB, Tara said, “I felt pretty confident in what I was doing. Technical-wise, I was there.

The end of the story also has some destiny attached. Tara met her significant other while in the vet tech program at MSB, and he is presently the kennel manager at nearby Lucky Dog Boarding in Detroit Lakes. Coincidence? We think not!

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