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5 Ways to Deal with Uncertainty

Change or even the possibility of it, in any aspect of your life causes uncertainty, which can lead to stress and anxiety. We all go through it at some point in our life. So what can you do to help cope? You have to start by asking yourself, “Is this change or new development worth
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Interview Tips: Answering the Hard Questions

In one of the PD 200 classes (professional development), a student asked why they have to answer interview questions like: “Why should I hire you for this job?”  She thought that since her resume’ was clear and she’s already in the interview questions like that are redundant. I assured her that since she was in her
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Globe University Students Learn Swedish Massage Technique

The summer quarter massage therapy  students at the Globe University-La Crosse Campus  learned their first massage therapy technique last month and put their skills to the test on outside clients on Aug. 30. This is the first time the students were able to practice on other individuals other than each other. Students treated the scenario
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Project Management: Little Details Make a Big Difference

Project management is one of the fastest growing areas in the business world today. By definition, it must not be something a company does as a normal part of their business; it must be a separate entity. Project management class is designed to show the student all aspects of how to plan, design and implement
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