About Minnesota School of Business

The primary mission of Minnesota School of Business & Globe University is to provide career-focused higher education to our students, and we’ve been doing just that for more than 130 years. We focus on hiring experienced, talented instructors and building strong relationships with local businesses and communities. Couple this with facilities and curricula that meet the needs of employers and students make our graduates stand out.

Who We Are

We’ve been serving students from the Twin Cities area, greater Minnesota and neighboring states for over a century. Minnesota School of Business & Globe University, now operating cooperatively as part of the Globe Education Network, have become recognized and respected Midwest education providers in the fields of accounting and business, legal sciences, technology, health sciences and drafting and design.

Our focus is and always has been on providing practical, relevant education that prepares our graduates for employment opportunities. We want to make it easy for you to get what you need, which is why we develop our programs in partnership with advisory committees.

News Releases

Each of the campuses at Minnesota School of Business & Globe University has a unique story to tell through its students, faculty and programs, as well as its reach into the communities it impacts through service initiatives and partnerships with local businesses.

We share and preserve these stories, as well as the honors and awards we receive as a provider of career-focused education programs. We are proud of what we accomplish, particularly when we are recognized for supporting our military students and making our education as accessible to as many students as possible.

Our news area also gives us the opportunity to highlight innovative programs and technologies we incorporate into our curricula to give students a competitive edge in training for and growing their careers.

Minnesota School of Business Releases and Advisories