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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Minnesota Attorney General Lawsuit

Why did the Minnesota Office of Higher Education revoke Globe University & Minnesota School of Business’ licenses to operate in Minnesota?

Although the Court dismissed all but one of the allegations against the Schools and found it currently operating in full compliance with Minnesota state law, it did find it violated the Consumer Fraud Act and the Deceptive Trade Practices Act in connection with the promotion of its since-ceased criminal justice program. The Office of Higher Education believes it is obligated under Minn. Stat. 136A.685 to revoke the Schools registration as a result of the finding. The Schools believes the language in the statute gives them discretion in the matter and is currently contesting the Office’s decision.

Does the Order impact Wisconsin and South Dakota campuses?

While we initially thought MN Office of Higher Education’s revocation only affected Minnesota, the U.S. Department of Education has extended it to all MSB and Globe locations since our main branches are located in Minnesota. All new applicants for MSB and Globe campuses will be notified by their campus staff that, until further notice, we are not starting new students.

What is a ‘teach out’?

A teach out is when a campus that is scheduled to close is given a set amount of time to help as many current students as possible complete their program or find other options at another institution to continue their education with the least amount of disruption possible.

Are we in a teach out?

We are currently appealing the MN Office of Higher Education’s Order. If the appeal is not successful, we will continue to teach out current students at our Minnesota campuses in accordance with a one-year provisional approval provided by the Office. As we await a decision on the appeal, we will not be enrolling new applicants at any MSB and Globe campuses. All new applicants will be notified by their campus staff.

I am currently enrolled, what does this mean for me?

You should see no change. Classes will continue as scheduled for all current students. If an appeal is not successful, we would continue a one-year teach out, allowing you to complete your program or transition to another institution. It is unclear what an unsuccessful appeal would mean for South Dakota and Wisconsin campuses, but we are working on several options to keep them operating as usual.

If my campus is in a teach out, how will I know if I can finish my program in time? And what happens if I can’t?

All students currently enrolled at Minnesota School of Business and Globe University campuses in Minnesota have or soon will be contacted individually by campus staff to work out an individualized completion plan. If you are unable to finish with in the year campus staff will work to help you find other institutions where articulation agreements are in place or where your credits may transfer.

If I am able to graduate in the next year, will my degree be from an accredited college?

Our Schools are currently accredited by the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS). That accreditation will remain in place through a teach out and while ACICS works through its re-recognition appeals process.

How will my degree be perceived by employers?

Of course, that will vary by employer as it always has, but Globe University & Minnesota School of Business have a long, valued history of working with local employers in the communities we serve. They are aware of the qualified candidates that graduate from our schools and will continue to need their skills. We have had a number of employers advocate on our behalf since the Court findings were announced and we will continue to foster our relationships with local businesses.

Is it possible my campus may stay open longer than a year?

That is what we are fighting for with our current efforts and through the appeals process, but without any changes to the current situation, —it is likely that Minnesota campuses and online will be forced to close within a year.

I have additional questions, who should I talk to?

We welcome all your questions and want to make sure you get the answers you need so you can focus on completing your education. We encourage you to talk with your campus director about any additional concerns. They will answer all questions to the best of their ability and with the information that is currently available. We also encourage you to utilize other resources such as your academic dean and career services.

Last updated 10/6/16

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