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Social Media

Making the right connections for our students

Social networking tools are a vital part of our learning community at Minnesota School of Business & Globe University, from informing our students about their program content and schedules, to bridging the classroom-to-career gap through networking possibilities.

We have a presence on the following social media platforms:

  • Facebook — Minnesota School of Business & Globe University maintain several Facebook pages representing programs, campus locations and student blogs.
  • LinkedIn— Students interested in networking through our primary or sub-groups on LinkedIn can enhance their career search through the connections they make here. Our career services team manages our LinkedIn groups and can help students navigate and tailor their networking to their career aspirations.
  • Twitter — Students can stay current with events, news and blogs at Minnesota School of Business & Globe University, as well as our individual campus locations, by following our Twitter page.
  • YouTube — Our YouTube page is a one-stop resource for our campus tours and other informative content.

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