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Community Relations

We are not only committed to our students, but also to the communities we serve. We do this through:

  • Service and applied learning opportunities
  • Our Business Alliance program
  • Government and community relations
  • Program advisory committees
  • The Globe Education Network

Service and applied learning opportunities

We define this concept as “learning by doing through an act of giving,” and it’s a core component of the education all of our students receive. It’s our way of helping you become responsible, caring community members through civic responsibility, community service, and integrated instruction and reflection.

Participants have the opportunity to apply course concepts in hands-on, real-world situations; network with businesses, nonprofit and professional organizations, and local governments; and take pride in giving back to your community.

Projects facilitated through our service-learning center may include:

  • Providing business owners with marketing plans, market research and industry insights
  • Assisting nonprofit organizations with clothing drives, fundraisers and public space restoration
  • Working with children and the elderly
  • Partnering with local or state agencies on advocacy campaigns, public policy recommendations and communication programs

Read more about our service-learning programs on our blogs, or contact a campus near you to get started.

If you know of an organization we could help support, reach out to a campus near you and ask for the campus director.

Business alliances

Our Business Alliance program aims to partner with local employers to promote a vision for improving the workforce, supporting the economy and maintaining global competitiveness.

Employers who join this program have access to:

  • Business Alliance Scholarships for qualified employees
  • Employee development training
  • Campus events
  • Career services support

Employees of our Business Alliance partners who pursue degrees with us are also eligible for 10% off the cost of tuition, depending on credit load. Eligible students must show proof of employment at the time of enrollment and each academic year thereafter.

To join the Business Alliance program, your company must have a minimum of 25 employees and agree to:

  • Notify employees of educational opportunities at our school
  • Publicly acknowledge the relationship and provide testimonials and success stories

To learn more or apply for the program, please contact the campus nearest you and request to speak with the director of admissions.

Program advisory committees

Our Minnesota School of Business & Globe University program advisory committees (PAC) work to keep curricula current and foster mentoring and professional networking relationships. Committee members meet regularly to review programs against industry trends and standards to quickly respond to the changing demands of today’s workforce.

For more information, call 1-877-655-7676 or contact a campus near you.

Globe Education Network (GEN)

Minnesota School of Business & Globe University are two members of GEN, a group of career-focused universities linked by shared ownership that receive administrative and academic support from the network.

Shared resources, such as CampusConnect, the academic delivery system, will display the GEN name, and credits earned at a GEN school may apply to degree programs at other member schools.

Other GEN members include:


Contact GEN at:

8089 Globe Drive
Woodbury, MN 55125

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