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Our Commitment to Community

Our college campuses have, in every respect, strong relationships with their communities. We have no dormitories—our students live in the community. Many of our faculty members are part-time instructors and full-time local professionals and business owners. And a high proportion of our students remain in their communities to establish careers after graduation.

Value given, value received

Our students and staff seek opportunities to give back. Past community service and service-learning projects have included park clean-ups, nursing home visits, health fairs, pet-owner education seminars and a host of other activities.

In every case, real benefits were experienced by every party involved. Our students have opportunities to practice career skills in a real-world setting, our staff members develop relationships with members of the community and our hosts receive practical help with real problems.

Our career services department provides local employers with qualified candidates for internships and posted jobs. We also host on- and off-site job fairs.

Connecting with communities

Check out how students are connecting with employers and other community partners in positive ways. Download our Community Responsibility Annual Report (PDF)

How can we help you?

Do you know of an organization that would benefit from a student project, an intern's services, or a slate of qualified job candidates? Contact the service-learning coordinator or campus director at  a campus near you and let us know how we can work together.