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Your Career Path

Minnesota School of Business & Globe University know you’re excited to start working at a career you love, so we try to make every step in your education as smooth as possible. Following your Career Path means getting advantages in meeting your goals:

  • Commit to a promising future and finding the right career for you
  • Balance your schedule and complete your career education faster
  • Engage in your learning and connect to local employers
  • Recognize the value of higher education and pay less

Commitment to your Career Path

We make a commitment to you, so you, in turn, can commit to your path. Leverage our real-world education and training to prepare you for your career role and find the right job for your future. We offer consistent program and class schedules, so you will know from quarter to quarter what your schedule with us will be, helping you to more easily meet your other priorities while you work toward your education goals.

Balance your priorities

You want to tackle this challenge head-on, full steam, and we want to make that happen for you. It’s why we’re offering our new full-time schedule but also keeping the course load manageable, so you can continue to take care of your responsibilities outside of your learning. Instead of taking four courses all at once, you can take two classes at a time in two six-week terms and still complete four courses in a quarter! Guild your momentum toward graduation without sacrificing your work or time with your family.

Engage in your learning — engage your future

Minnesota School of Business & Globe University believe in you, and that means we want you to be fully engaged at every step of your education. We help you build a network of support throughout your education, through peer relationships, mentoring from instructors, and staff who can offer assistance in your education and career search.

Our applied learning projects, externships or internships let you step into your real-world role in the community even before your graduate. Through these opportunities, you can network with local employers who can help you connect to a career you can be passionate about!

More value for less

We are inspired by your commitment to your education and career goals, so we are committed to helping you get the most value out of your education by saving you time and money in achieving your objectives.

By following our career path model you can pay nearly 30 percent* less tuition as a full-time student, all while still taking a more manageable course load. You can do what you love to do in a shorter time and have a meaningful impact on your community through the work you do!

*Savings reflect a comparison of per-credit tuition rate for students taking 14 or more credits per quarter ($325) to the per-credit rate for students taking 11 credits or less ($460).

Tuition changes apply to undergraduate programs and coursework only and exclude the Bachelor of Science in nursing program. Please refer to the most current Minnesota School of Business & Globe University course catalog and addendum for detailed tuition rate information.

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